Men's Rehab Program

We aim to help our clients achieve sobriety, create meaningful connections with other men, and transition back into their lives with a newfound sense of purpose and hope.

Drug and alcohol addiction is a severe problem in the United States, and it’s not just limited to one gender. However, research shows that men experience substance abuse differently than women. Therefore, some men may need a specialized or gender-specific approach when seeking addiction treatment programs. This is where a men’s-only rehab becomes necessary. Call 888.891.0979 to speak with someone from the caring and compassionate team at the men’s rehab center of Perennial Recovery about our men’s rehab program in Massachusetts.

About Gender-Specific Treatment

Substance abuse affects men and women differently, and the reasons for drug and alcohol addiction can also differ between genders. Addiction often comes from untreated mental health issues, trauma or abuse, or a sense of worthlessness or lack of purpose. Men may also feel societal pressure to be “tough” and avoid discussing their feelings, leading to bottling up and self-medicating emotions. Through gender-specific rehab programs, men can explore these underlying issues in a safe and supportive environment with other men dealing with similar struggles.

Gender-specific treatment is an addiction rehab program that caters to either men or women. These programs provide specialized care based on the specific gender’s needs, experiences, and challenges. The structure and treatment techniques used in men’s addiction rehab are designed to address problems affecting men more than women, including anger management, risk-taking behaviors, social isolation, and aggression.

What to Expect from Men’s-Only Rehab

A typical men’s rehab center will offer various addiction treatment services, including:

  • Individual and group counseling
  • Medication-assisted treatment (MAT)
  • Behavioral therapy
  • Aftercare planning

Men undergoing rehab in these programs may participate in holistic therapies, such as yoga or meditation, or educational classes that teach life skills or vocational training. Clients in a men’s rehab program have a higher chance of establishing meaningful connections with their fellow male clients, bonding over shared experiences, and supporting one another in long-term recovery.

Benefits of Going to a Men’s Rehab Center

Men can experience the following benefits when they undergo gender-specific addiction treatment:

  • Tailored treatment – Men’s addiction rehab is designed with the specific needs of men in mind, so it is better suited to address the unique challenges men face in addiction recovery.
  • Emotional support – Men may feel more comfortable opening up emotionally around other men. By participating in group sessions with other men, clients can express themselves without fear of judgment.
  • Safe environment – Men’s rehab programs provide a safe and secure environment away from outside triggers and distractions, offering clients the best chance of completing their treatment.
  • Greater success rates – Men participating in gender-specific rehab programs achieve higher long-term recovery rates than those attending mixed-gender or gender-neutral programs.
  • Improved mental health – Men who have undergone a men’s rehab program report improved emotional and mental health, better relationships with loved ones, and more stable personal and professional lives.

A men’s rehab program is beneficial for men who deal with addiction, mental health disorders, and co-occurring conditions. These programs may be recommended for individuals who have previously tried traditional rehab but found it difficult to open up or make progress. Men who have difficulty communicating with women, struggle with gender identity or sexual orientation, or have gone through abuse or trauma perpetrated by women may also benefit from a men’s-only rehab program.

Find a Men’s Rehab Program in Massachusetts at Perennial Recovery

Gender-specific addiction treatment may be your best option if you’re ready to take charge of your addiction or help a loved one achieve long-term recovery. At Perennial Recovery in Massachusetts, we offer comprehensive Men’s Rehab Programs in Westborough MA that cater to men’s specific needs while providing a supportive and judgment-free environment. We aim to help our clients achieve sobriety, create meaningful connections with other men, and transition back into their lives with a newfound sense of purpose and hope. Contact Perennial Recovery today at 888.891.0979 to learn more about our programs and how we can help you or a loved one overcome addiction.